Saturdays in the Studio

Starting next month, I've decided to begin a new pattern.

I will be spending Saturdays in the daylight studio to learn, work and create, and it'll be a day that I invite others to join me for. 


Working at Portland Leather Goods has been such a blessing and has provided me this amazing opportunity to utilize the photo studio in my own time. Back in March, I had random thoughts of using photo studios more, interning for some, perhaps even owning or running one down the road. For this to happen so soon is still mind-boggling to me. 

My hope is to step back into photography with a creative lens once again, which, honestly, I have not done in years. In 2012, I unexpectedly took a summer photography class and absolutely fell in love. I photographed everything with excitement and it helped me see beauty around me. I want to get back to that. This means I don't intend on using Saturdays to book paid shoots -- solely just for personal, creative fulfillment. 


I also want to build relationships with others by inviting them to create with me. I've been brainstorming what this could look like, and so far these things have come to mind: 

Using the space for songwriting and music, for dancing, for writing and blogging, for sketching and painting and macrame, for bringing ideas to visual life and experimenting with light and color. It can be a space for people to brainstorm creative projects together. And I hope it can be a space that is more inviting than it is intimidating (hopefully not intimidating at all!). 


This is literally me mid-fixing my hair, and you know what, it looked pretty dang cool. Ain't gonna lie. You don't have to be a hipster model to make cool portraits or be part of your own art. 

 Look, it's excited lil me.

Look, it's excited lil me.

I once read a book (wish I could remember what it was) that talked about how God was an artist. He created everything and saw that it was good -- He enjoys his creations and made it beautiful. If we are created in His image, then we, too, are meant to create and make things beautiful. I guess that could mean different things, but for me, it means I'm meant to be a visual artist and I want to encourage others to tap into that calling, too.