Therapy Night Market

St. John's is booming. Our little neighborhood has more and more going on and it's growing fast. Therapy, one of my favorite shops in downtown St. Johns with 10 other locations in California, is adding to that momentum in a unique way by hosting an awesome monthly Night Market in the store that is sure to draw more people in.


Markets are everywhere in Portland. Having one here in St. Johns/North Portland seemed so fitting! And with good weather finally on the way, there's no doubt that Therapy's Night Markets will continue to grow from here on out. I volunteered to photograph these markets as my way of connecting more with the community here, while also letting the community be aware that I'm a photographer (not just a barista, though I love being known as that, too!).

...While we're on the subject, make a visit to The Great North Coffee on Burlington right around the corner of Therapy! Best coffee in town.

Take a fun walk through Therapy to get to the back warehouse where all the local vendors are settled in. So much artwork, handmade ceramics and goods, jewelry, furniture -- even restored cast irons, vintage clothes, and craft mustards you can sample (try the chipotle one)!  The unique selections, incredibly friendly vendors and the central Downtown St. Johns location make this market worth the visit. 

Make a plan to venture around St. Johns and all its quirky beauty while you're on your way to the next Market! Grab some Coava coffee at The Great North Coffee, sip it at the docks at Cathedral Park, grab some dinner at Dubs St. Johns, and finish the night off shopping at the Market. 

Support local artists, and support small business!