Since moving here to Portland, I've focused a lot on settling a lot of things in my personal life. Things have been absolutely wonderful, but now Austin and I are in a spot where we feel like it's finally time to jumpstart things in photography. 

I've freelanced for 6 years now -- I've had so many great experiences as a photographer, and have made mistakes in the process that I've been working on fixing to avoid repeating those mistakes. Essentially, it's time to move from being a freelancer and become professional. Professional in all aspects of being a small business owner and an artist, and a person. 

It's going to be a different journey from here on out. The last six years were about building my portfolio and visual skill; now it's about translating those skills and making a small business of it. It's pretty exciting, but all the while so intimidating. 

I am in the process of revamping and relaunching and recreating for Charmaine Marl Photography. And I intend to go full out this time. It might take awhile before I feel like everything is absolutely complete, but once it is, I know it'll be something I'm pretty dang proud of. 

Cheers to the journey!