Salomon Wedding

This summer, two very amazing people joined hands in marriage. Andy and Dayna have set a great example to me personally of a relationship lived out for Christ, so it was an honor to not only photograph their engagement early this year, but also to have photographed their wedding months later in July.

I first got to the bachelor pad and, as with most weddings, the men didn't have much to stress about for getting ready -- at least, not much compared to bridesmaids. Andy took a moment to himself to read some words written for him from his bride-to-be...

...while she got ready and looked as beautiful as ever. Gotta give a hand to the makeup artists that do an amazing job with bringing out a bride's natural beauty. Dayna looked so dang beautiful, as usual. :-) 

When everything was done, Dayna met Andy in a field for their first look at each other -- suit and tie, gown and flowers and all. The first look is always such an intimate moment before weddings that I'm always honored to be part of. As a photographer, you have to capture those moments, all while not interrupting the connection in what was happening. And they had such a lovely connection.

We went back to the venue to prepare for the ceremony, and I caught even more precious moments happening all around. Dayna and her mom shared a moment together. Anton prayed for Andy. Then the couple prayed with each other. There's a lot of emotional, physical and mental preparation involved in weddings, but more importantly, spiritual preparation. What better way to do so than by being in prayer?

Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her, that he might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word.

They do.

Personally, I thought this was one of the most nicely decorated weddings I've ever photographed. Good taste, guys! Beautiful theme, colors, decorations, setup. ALSO, can we talk about Andy's mom's calligraphy everywhere? 

After dinner and an endless amount of tacos, the program went on and was filled with so many words of wisdom from so many of Andy and Dayna's loved ones. I've noticed that sometimes speeches can quickly get dull or cliche, but the words shared that night were so meaningful, eloquent and a blessing to everyone who listened. I wasn't surprised everyone had amazing things to say about Andy and Dayna, both individually and as a couple.


Some nice sentimental dancing...

...And then came the crazy dancing. Who says the photographer can't join in? 

After sweating off all of the tacos from dancing, everyone sent Andy and Dayna off on their honeymoon. It was bittersweet -- sweet knowing we had just celebrated their marriage in great company with great people, but sad knowing the night was over and it was time to say goodbyes not only to them, but to each other. But the night ended with so much love and joy in the air. 

Congrats again, Andy and Dayna! 

I hope and pray all blessings for your friendship, for your love, for your mission. You guys are family and I can't wait to see how your marriage will shape all of our journeys in Portland. Thank you guys for being one of the first examples to show me that following God will lead you to the right person, in the right place, at the right time, in all the right ways. God began something beautiful between both of you and He was faithful to see it through. You're both blessed to have one another! And I'm blessed to have you as friends. See you both soon in Portland!